New module: Tools for Inclusivity and Accessibility for Neurodiverse Audiences in Heritage Interpretation

How do you prepare your interpreters, tour guides, and educators to support neurodiverse students and audiences? We have a new module that can help. Through our careers, Barbara and I have met and associated with many diverse professionals with expertise and presenting skill. One of them has recently developed a presentation that will be ofContinue reading “New module: Tools for Inclusivity and Accessibility for Neurodiverse Audiences in Heritage Interpretation”

New presentation: Beyond the Box and Panel

Barbara and I have relocated to New Zealand, but we’re still finding ways to continue training tour guides and telling stories. Having recently assumed the Manager position at Mangawhai Museum, I was asked by the local Rebus club to fill in for a cancelled speaker. The talk I gave was a new one. Beyond theContinue reading “New presentation: Beyond the Box and Panel”

News: Barbara takes a new job

We recently caught a south wind. Barbara, one half of North Wind Heritage Consulting, has accepted a position as Director of the Kauri Museum in New Zealand/Aotearoa. The museum is an exciting one, having started a transition from a traditional settlers’ museum to one that focuses on the amazing story of New Zealand’s indigenous KauriContinue reading “News: Barbara takes a new job”

Review: Fort Edmonton Park’s Indigenous People Experience

The Indigenous Peoples Experience at Fort Edmonton Park is everything I want it to be. More to the point, it is everything that the park’s Indigenous partners want it to be.  In November I was lucky enough to visit the IPE on a winter Saturday with my father, brother, and friends. A heated streetcar droveContinue reading “Review: Fort Edmonton Park’s Indigenous People Experience”

Exhibits with Impact

Coco Chanel advised, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” When it comes to accessories, some is good and more is more. The same can be said about exhibit cases. We often get caught up in our own stories, lost in the jewel boxes of our collections andContinue reading “Exhibits with Impact”

Reblogged: New Zealand Museums

This blog post was originally published as part of Tom’s travel blog in 2019.  From Greymouth to Nelson to Marlborough and its copious wineries, to Wellington and its coffee and so up to Tongariro Nat’l Park. As some of you know, B and I originally hoped to come to NZ for a year and workContinue reading “Reblogged: New Zealand Museums”