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Welcome to our site. Tom and Barbara are a pair of museum professionals who love to collaborate and commiserate with others in the field, deliver training sessions, present on historical topics, and otherwise get involved in the scene.

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New interpretive module: Giving Great Guided Tours

It’s interesting that some of our best modules come out of museum’s specific requests. In this case, Barbara’s new workplace, the Kauri Museum had a specific need. They only had two staff-members who knew how to give an introductory tour to the frankly massive facility, yet demand was only increasing. Tom sat down with Barbara…

News: Barbara takes a new job

We recently caught a south wind. Barbara, one half of North Wind Heritage Consulting, has accepted a position as Director of the Kauri Museum in New Zealand/Aotearoa. The museum is an exciting one, having started a transition from a traditional settlers’ museum to one that focuses on the amazing story of New Zealand’s indigenous Kauri…

New Interpre-meme

More training tools for interpreters that go beyond a dry text-heavy document. Find the other Intrepre-Memes here and here.

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