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Welcome to our site. Tom and Barbara are a pair of museum professionals who love to collaborate and commiserate with others in the field, deliver training sessions, present on historical topics, and otherwise get involved in the scene.

Latest from the Blog

Two new historical presentations

We’re very happy to announce a few new historical presentations available. A TALE OF TWO VANCOUVERS: 1846, BC, Washington, Oregon and the West That Wasn’t. Length: 1 hour.Recommended audience: 3-30 personsDelivered via: Zoom; Google Meets. Where does British Columbia’s name come from? How was Washington state nearly part of Confederation? What is the connection between one of Canada’s greatest blues-rock bands, anContinue reading “Two new historical presentations”

Edmonton City as Museum Project: New article on Louise Umphreville

North Wind co-founder Tom Long has a new article up for the Edmonton City as Museum Project. Click here for a full length article on Louise Umphreville, Edmonton’s forgotten Métis matriarch. If you are interested, check out our web-based presentation on Louise as an excellent accompaniment. In person, Tom tells the stories he has been givenContinue reading “Edmonton City as Museum Project: New article on Louise Umphreville”

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