New presentation: Beyond the Box and Panel

Barbara and I have relocated to New Zealand, but we’re still finding ways to continue training tour guides and telling stories. Having recently assumed the Manager position at Mangawhai Museum, I was asked by the local Rebus club to fill in for a cancelled speaker. The talk I gave was a new one. Beyond theContinue reading “New presentation: Beyond the Box and Panel”

New interpretive module: Giving Great Guided Tours

It’s interesting that some of our best modules come out of museum’s specific requests. In this case, Barbara’s new workplace, the Kauri Museum had a specific need. They only had two staff-members who knew how to give an introductory tour to the frankly massive facility, yet demand was only increasing. Tom sat down with BarbaraContinue reading “New interpretive module: Giving Great Guided Tours”

News: Barbara takes a new job

We recently caught a south wind. Barbara, one half of North Wind Heritage Consulting, has accepted a position as Director of the Kauri Museum in New Zealand/Aotearoa. The museum is an exciting one, having started a transition from a traditional settlers’ museum to one that focuses on the amazing story of New Zealand’s indigenous KauriContinue reading “News: Barbara takes a new job”

30 minute exciting presentations for when you’ve only got a brief slot to fill

Don’t have time for a whole hour of history? Based on some specific requests, we have added two more 30 minute presentations to our menu. I suspect these will just whet your whistle for a longer talk, but sometimes you just need a few good stories! TOSS ‘EM INTO THE RIVER: Vigilantes in 19th CenturyContinue reading “30 minute exciting presentations for when you’ve only got a brief slot to fill”

Review: Fort Edmonton Park’s Indigenous People Experience

The Indigenous Peoples Experience at Fort Edmonton Park is everything I want it to be. More to the point, it is everything that the park’s Indigenous partners want it to be.  In November I was lucky enough to visit the IPE on a winter Saturday with my father, brother, and friends. A heated streetcar droveContinue reading “Review: Fort Edmonton Park’s Indigenous People Experience”

Two new historical presentations

We’re very happy to announce a few new historical presentations available. A TALE OF TWO VANCOUVERS: 1846, BC, Washington, Oregon and the West That Wasn’t. Length: 1 hour.Recommended audience: 3-30 personsDelivered via: Zoom; Google Meets. Where does British Columbia’s name come from? How was Washington state nearly part of Confederation? What is the connection between one of Canada’s greatest blues-rock bands, anContinue reading “Two new historical presentations”

Edmonton City as Museum Project: New article on Louise Umphreville

North Wind co-founder Tom Long has a new article up for the Edmonton City as Museum Project. Click here for a full length article on Louise Umphreville, Edmonton’s forgotten Métis matriarch. If you are interested, check out our web-based presentation on Louise as an excellent accompaniment. In person, Tom tells the stories he has been givenContinue reading “Edmonton City as Museum Project: New article on Louise Umphreville”

Two more interpretive training modules!

Thanks to specific requests from museums and organizations, North Wind has created two more webinars. One is for those new interpreters, staff or volunteers just starting out and needing the introduction to interpretation that we all wish we had (judging by how many of us happily dive into the deep end armed with nothing butContinue reading “Two more interpretive training modules!”

Two new interpretive training modules!

We just enjoy the virtual medium so much, we can’t stop. Check out our training page, for two new interpretive training modules. THE INTERPRETER’S TOOLBOX: Tours, Demonstrations, Conversations and When to Use Them Length: 1 hour.  Recommended audience: 3-10 persons Delivered via: Zoom, Google Meets.  To a tour guide, everyone looks like an audience withContinue reading “Two new interpretive training modules!”