Edmonton City as Museum Project: New article on Louise Umphreville

Images from “Wildflowers: Metis Women of Fort Edmonton, Floral Beadwork Exhibition” by Sharon Rose Kootenay. Photos courtesy of The Works. Wapikwaniy // Wild Roses – Women’s Wrap-Around Moccasins and Quirt.

North Wind co-founder Tom Long has a new article up for the Edmonton City as Museum Project. Click here for a full length article on Louise Umphreville, Edmonton’s forgotten Métis matriarch.

If you are interested, check out our web-based presentation on Louise as an excellent accompaniment. In person, Tom tells the stories he has been given or discovered about Louise Umphreville, the most powerful Métis woman on the plains for much of the 19th century. A woman who left behind no photographs, letters, or diaries but nonetheless made a mark upon history.

If you enjoy the hidden, hard-to-find stories of women, the fur trade, and the Indigenous world of the early 19th century, this story is for you.

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