Two more interpretive training modules!

Thanks to specific requests from museums and organizations, North Wind has created two more webinars. One is for those new interpreters, staff or volunteers just starting out and needing the introduction to interpretation that we all wish we had (judging by how many of us happily dive into the deep end armed with nothing but passion!). The other is for supervisors and managers looking to improve their hiring and training to get the most out of recruitment.

INTERPRETATION 101: Making Connections, Revealing Meaning

Length: 1 hour. 

Recommended audience: 3-15 persons

Delivered via: Zoom, Google Meets. 

Heritage Interpretation is a complex field with much to know, but every journey begins with a single step. This one hour introduction to interpretation will introduce attendees to the use of intangibles to reveal the greater meaning behind objects and artifacts, storytelling in interpretation, and how to classify and satisfy visitor motivations.

SUBLIMINAL, LIMINAL, AND SUPERLIMINAL: Using Video Review in Hiring and Training Interpreters

Length: 1 hour. 

Recommended audience: 3-15 persons

Delivered via: Zoom, Google Meets. 

What if there were a way to almost invisibly influence your candidates to self-select in and out of your job based on your own interview? What if you could simultaneously test their interpretive instincts? And then what if you could use the exact same method to train them in best practices?

Sports teams review video playbacks as a way to get better by identifying mistakes and emphasizing successes. With all of youtube spread out before you, there’s no reason your site can’t do this as well. We’ll review this technique and then practise evaluating a video ourselves. We’ll also watch a clip from the Simpsons, because why not?

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