Two new interpretive training modules!

We just enjoy the virtual medium so much, we can’t stop. Check out our training page, for two new interpretive training modules.

THE INTERPRETER’S TOOLBOX: Tours, Demonstrations, Conversations and When to Use Them

Length: 1 hour. 

Recommended audience: 3-10 persons

Delivered via: Zoom, Google Meets. 

To a tour guide, everyone looks like an audience with time to kill. But the spectrum of interpretive activities is so large, it behooves you to consider the utility and challenges of each before you decide which to use and how. This session uses “Donnie Don’t” examples and break-out groups to evaluate the pitfalls of tours, demos, conversations, and even powerpoint webinars just like this one.

KNOWING IS (ONLY) HALF THE BATTLE: Interpreting Difficult History

Length: 1.5 hour. 

Recommended audience: 3-15 persons

Delivered via: Zoom, Google Meets. 

No one can tell you how to change a visitor’s mind, or how to engage on a difficult topic with ease and and come out on the other side without repurcussions. If they did, politicians and family gatherings would be knocking down the door. But there are some guidelines to follow and some tips and tactics that will equip your interpreters for success in the field of difficult topics. Eugenics, colonialism, racism – if history isn’t upsetting, then you’re probably not reading enough of it. Museums can and should challenge visitors to face these facts, and interpreters are the frontline of this discussion.

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