Upcoming appearance: North Saskatchewan Heritage River Panel, April 7

Tom is joining a panel to discuss the heritage value of the North Saskatchewan River. North Wind feels honoured to join people we’ve looked up to for a long time, Paula Simons and Billie Milholland. Look forward to a story about the North Saskatchewan as the crossroads of the continent, and John Rowand’s race to the Athabaska in 1824.

“Join Alberta Senator Paula Simons, author Billie Milholland, Thomas Long, and Smoky Lake County for a conversation about the exceptional cultural, recreational, and natural heritage value North Saskatchewan River.

Each year, Albertans and tourists enjoy hundreds of kilometers of this River, yet only a small portion is designated as a Canadian Heritage River. Smoky Lake County in collaboration with other municipalities and Indigenous groups along the river are seeking to extend the honorary designation across Alberta.

A designation as a Canadian Heritage River tells Canadians and the world that the river matters. The designation forms a platform to promote celebration, conservation and exploration of the river.”

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