Two new historical presentations

We’re very happy to announce a few new historical presentations available.

A TALE OF TWO VANCOUVERS: 1846, BC, Washington, Oregon and the West That Wasn’t.

Length: 1 hour.
Recommended audience: 3-30 persons
Delivered via: Zoom; Google Meets.

Where does British Columbia’s name come from? How was Washington state nearly part of Confederation? What is the connection between one of Canada’s greatest blues-rock bands, an HBC Governor, and a US President? From 1821 to 1846 the HBC attempted to carve a claim west of the mountains. The result is a gripping story involving Métis settlers, Hawaiian labourers, and a wandering artist. Join us for a dive into the little-told stories of the Pacific North-West.

The 1846 Christmas Feast and other Fort Edmonton Tales

Length: 30 minutes.
Recommended audience: 3-30 persons
Delivered via: Zoom; Google Meets.

In the frigid North-West there are few times that should be more miserable than the coldest, shortest, darkest days of the year. But fur traders at Fort Edmonton and beyond found ways to enjoy the holiday season in sometimes surprising ways. How do you win a dogsled race against seasoned pros? How do you reconcile two violent opposing factions? How do you eat a moose’s nose? All these questions will be answered and more! Share your Christmas season with Paul Kane, Peter Erasmus, Margaret Rowand and other fascinating figures of the Fort Edmonton fur trade era.

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