New presentation: Beyond the Box and Panel

Barbara and I have relocated to New Zealand, but we’re still finding ways to continue training tour guides and telling stories.

Having recently assumed the Manager position at Mangawhai Museum, I was asked by the local Rebus club to fill in for a cancelled speaker.

The talk I gave was a new one. Beyond the Box and Panel: Creative Ways to Share History is a description of some of the amazing projects I have been a part of and some of the innovative public history I have seen or experienced. The Rebus crowd are local seniors and the subject allowed me to promote my museum and get people excited at the same time.

From Boat-Building Projects to Queer History, Barbara and I have been lucky enough to have careers filled with fun ways to present history. Not to dig at traditional museum displays, but artifacts in boxes and text on panels is only one arrow in our quivers.

If you want to get your team excited about creative heritage projects, this is the module for you. Contact us to discuss this module, another prepared one, or any custom training you desire.

BEYOND THE BOX & PANEL: Creative Ways to Present History and Heritage

Length: 1 hour

Recommended audience: 3-15 persons

Delivered via: Zoom, Google Meets, in Person

Tom shares case studies involving several public history and museum projects he’s been involved with from small to large. Hear about the multi-year building and launching of a historic wooden boat, or the process of interviewing community groups and turning their favourite stories into historical webcomics. Learn and become inspired by a grant-funded queer history project that shined a light into lesser known stories of Edmonton’s past and how to navigate their collection and depiction. Relevant to any museum or group of interpreters.

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